Meet Lyndsay - Our Lead Practitioner

“Our approach and treatment at Skin Thesis is to make subtle, but noticeable changes to your face to give you a more natural and youthful appearance.”

lyndsay lead aesthetics practitioner

Lyndsay is our lead aesthetic practitioner and facial treatment expert. Lyndsay specialises in Botox antiwrinkle treatments and facial/lip fillerShe has over 10 years experience in different types of biomedical science and medical practice. Lyndsay is a senior midwife and as such she has vast experience working with patients and most importantly has excellent needle technique, which is crucial when injecting Botox or fillers for customers. 

Lyndsay trained in Harley street in London for her Aesthetics training, working with the UK’s leading plastic surgeons in the field and bringing those skills and techniques back to Northern Ireland to treat her patients here. Lyndsay undertook her training at Cosmetic Courses London, founded by Clinical Director Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards

Lyndsay underwent the most rigorous and award winning training and coaching from these specialists in order to reach her level of expertise in the field. Cosmetic Courses is arguably the UK’s leading institution for Cosmetic Courses as a multi award winning practice.